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Blaby Tennis Club​​

Turn into & go behind social centre

Enderby Tennis Club​​
February Half Term


May Half Term

Summer Holidays

October Half Term​​
Christmas Holidays​​
Blaby & Enderby Junior Games/ Match Play

​The camps which are for all age groups & abilities are taking place during holidays.
​The days for the group are:-

​  HALF TERM SESSIONS                 WHERE                               WHEN
​(February, May & October)​

       ​​4-18 Years old                               T.B.C                       Tuesday 9am-12pm
      ​​ ​7-18  Years old                              T.B.C                       Tuesday 9am-12pm
      10-18 Years old                              T.B.C                       Tuesday 9am-12pm
​HOLIDAY SESSIONS​                       WHERE                              WHEN

​​     4-18 Years old                                T.B.C                   Wednesday 9am-12pm

     ​​​7-18 Years old                                T.B.C                   Wednesday 9am-12pm
     3 - 7 Years old                                T.B.C                   Wednesday 12pm-2pm
​     4-18 Years old                                T.B.C                         Friday 9am-12pm

​​I will also be available for other extra sessions if there is the demand, please call me for details.

​​For more details please contact Tom Mattinson on 07824631378​​​​